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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 8

Todays studies, almost done with that barbarian study, I'll for sure finish it tomorrow and start a new one possibly. Also, there's a screencap study even though I was supposed to do a still life and didn't realize till after I was done xD so I'll do a still life tomorrow. And finally a random alien thingy to get a feel for sci-fi-ish stuff.

Today was totally on time (thank the lord). And I even got to do some doodling on the stream which was nice. To summarize what I learned: On the screencap study I jumped straight into it thinking that the colors would be desaturated purples and maybe some reds however it was entirely different quarter of the spectrum. All of the colors in the image, literally all (I checked), were some hue from indigo to violet. At first I was surprised and then I realized how obvious it was later on when I looked at the image again. I've been big into color relativity lately, like trying to make skin look like skin even though its say a bluish or purplish hue. I enjoy learning about it and value, and I feel both have helped push my personal pieces a lot.

Another thing I've been really pushing to explore more and try and have in my pieces is form. I've been paying close attention to how light wraps around areas of the figure and it's been really interesting.

I don't have much else to share for today really except for a thought I've been having lately that's been very nice and refreshing. I feel like it can help a lot of people too. So I've noticed (especially in the last few months) my self improve. I've honestly never seen myself improve so quickly over such little time. To show you what I mean go ahead and take a look at this piece I did for Alluria Publishing in September (keep in mind september is when I finished it however I worked on it all through the month of August):

Now look at this other piece I did for Alluria. It's another race lineup I did for them but I did this one in January:

That's around 4-5 months of studies and working at improving. And I finally have realized the key to learning quickly when it comes to art. It's something I couldn't possess myself to achieve through forcing myself to draw anatomy studies over and over again from books like when I was in high school. No this just comes honestly from before I became serious. Before I became serious about art I was totally ready to learn anything and everything I could about it. And that's what I've found once again. I LOVE to learn! I ask myself questions out loud, you'll notice when I stream sometimes. I love to wonder and examine why certain things are a certain way. It's not just a career for me anymore or even a hobby or a passion. It's my life. I live to learn more and more about art and I love it. People may think it's boring to take notes on things you study or to study in general (I certainly thought so). But just do it and you'll see how fun it really is. To learn more about what you love is such a great feeling and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I hope this helps someone out there :P

Gnight <3

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