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Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 16

Study study study studaaaaays. Studys! Woop woop studys yeah yeah yeah woo.


So I didn't post yesterday because I was enjoying a rousing night of playing Magic: The Gathering with my girlfriend and a few friends and it was quite nice to take a break from art for a night. I also was reminded of why I got into art... Magic cards. The art on them is so.... its so... there are no words for how awesome they are. More recently I've kind of been fan girling over The Great Chase Stone ( His work is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing him do even more card illustrations in the future.

So anyway, yesterday I watched a documentary on Frank Frazetta. If you want to watch it you can see it for free on Youtube here:

Before watching that I never really knew much about Frank and now that I do know more about him I have a lot more respect for the man. He's a master, a true master. After seeing so many flashes of his art I began to get jealous of how he draws his women (and everything else, but that's beside the point). So, since my Bloodsports piece is mainly featuring a female hero I did some female gesture drawings and then tried to consider how Frazetta built his women. I must admit, constantly considering the female body to curve and exaggerating the curves help create a more believable and dynamic figure. I've also been experimenting more with contraposition in my female figures and it's a nice foundation for the beginning of my figures. To know which way the body will angle and curve helps me decide the rest of the figure.

Anyway, that's pretty much all for now. I'll post more tomorrow and apologize for forgetting to post last night xD


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