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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 14

Progress on my bloodsports entry, if you don't know about it here's a link to the details ( Also a still life that sucks balls.

So my stream was cut a little short today because I saw the sun and had a blinding flash of memories where me. Yes me. Used to set across the rough, fearsome roads full of terrible things like socializing and being active. I shutter now at the thought of it... No but seriously it was nice to go out and get some sunshine for once :)

Anyway, I did this still life which sucked balls and was seriously tough for me and I'm not sure why. I think I was looking at each part of the desk as a single item instead of looking at the area as a whole and so a lot of the things are at skewed perspectives and it's just so... bad. Other then that I started working out ideas for my bloodsports. Doin some silhouette designs for the armor and kinda running through various ideas I've got in my head. Also decided to do some busts of the heroine to figure out her hairstyle, I'm considering adding other features as well but I'm worried it will distract too much from  the rest of her design which I'm trying to make very very very sci-fi. And let me tell you its tough for me. I'm really not good at sci fi and it shows. I'll probably do some quick studies tomorrow to get a feel for the tech suit/futuristic look I'm going for. Other then that I also need to get cracking on some gun studies for her weapons (hell yes!). That's the one really fun thing about this illustration... that and the fact that she's going to be shooting at a bunch of orc-monkey type things. I think for her sidekick I'm going to probably do some sort of feathery lizard type creature. It'll help it stand out amongst all of the fur there will be in the image.

So I've got what I want planned out, most of it anyway. Tomorrow once I finish up my roughs of the designs I'll start thumbnailing and if I'm really on a roll I might even choose a thumbnail by the end of the day. I'm very excited for this illustration and I truly, honestly feel blessed that I'm able to take part in things like this. I mean, to have my work looked at not only by Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren but Kekai Kotaki as well is an amazing thing to me and I'm grateful I grew up in this generation of artists.

I wish everyone entering the best of luck :)

For now I must slumber... Gnight!