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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 11. Discussion: Enjoying Your Art

Here's my updated page of arm studies and some hands I did today :D Tomorrow I get back to streaming and am starting studies for my Deathstroke piece yay!

So today went kind of slow for me, but I got everything I needed done on my schedule. I didn't have much spare time to work on my own stuff. I don't mind because tomorrow is my day where I walk to Starbucks and usually the day I get most work done. I'm always excited for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you are an artists who is struggling with artist's block or is stressing out over improving and just don't know what to do then just take a walk. Taking a walk helps clear the head so much and it's such a relief to get away from the computer and the sketchbook for awhile and just think about other stuff.

I know I kind of jumped into the subject of my writing this time but it's something I've had to deal with firsthand. I used to hate my drawings so much and so I wouldn't sketch from imagination and would mostly stick to studies, I know other artists who've had this same problem. I used to tell myself, "oh it's just artist's block everyone gets it I'll do some studies and get better and then everything will be ok." But it's not ok, that method never worked. In the end I was able to make an average arm in a couple different positions but my imagination was still as dull and lost as it was before. For me it was because I hated my drawings. The reason I hated them was because they were bad, I knew they were bad and I wanted to be better right then and there. I also had a humongous problem with making everything look like it should belong in my portfolio. I'm not sure why but everything I did had to be a finished piece. It's something I still deal with and am trying to correct to this day. Now I'm going to tell you that if you're struggling with anything that I've mentioned then what you need to do is stop and relax. Too many artists want to get to the top right away so they stay unhappy with their work for a long time and refuse to draw from imagination because of it. Well stop and just doodle for once. Don't care about what you draw just mess around. Draw cartoon characters if you want it doesn't have to be serious you just need to relax and enjoy art for what it is, a way of expressing yourself.

For example if you have a job and you hate your boss and you've been super stressed because of him. Draw him hanging up on a noose. Or draw you holding up his/her head and laughing maniacally. Sure that may be dark but it's for fun, and more importantly it's for yourself. Not only is this a great way to relieve stress but it's also a fantastic way of noticing your flaws. So finally once you feel stress free and your confidence has been boosted you can get cracking on what you need to improve on in your art. This is how I personally came to the conclusion that I suck at hands. I'm not sure what I was drawing exactly, but I remember I couldn't draw the hands if my life depended on it. And so now I present the hand studies below. And the only way I would've ever figured out that's what I needed to work on is by drawing from my imagination and if you do it you might as well have fun with it as well :)

I hope this helped someone in some way, for now I'm off and I'm gonna go sketch before goin to bed I think :)

Goodnight people!

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