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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 12. Discussion: The Art Community

Studies and more progress on the deathstroke piece :)

Not much to write about today really. Can't think of any specific type of topic that's been on my mind all day today. However, I will share this link for those who haven't seen it yet:

It's a journal entry from Brad Rigney written earlier today explaining how and The Art Department (TAD) has been stealing his money he earned from his tutorials he did for them. This has caused quite the uproar in the artistic community and it's very unfortunate for such a thing to happen within our own community. When artists start to screw over other artists it becomes a pretty scary thing and gives me the feeling that none of us are safe. Especially since this event has happened so soon after the protest involving R&H's (Rhythm and Hues Studio) filing of bankruptcy. It seems to have gotten somewhat chaotic in the art community and it saddens me.

I remember signing up on when I was 14, it was such a lively community full of people willing to help. And to see what it's come to now really breaks my heart in a way. It's almost like moving away from your hometown after it's been taken over by a drug cartel, basically I'm saying it sucks. Luckily the outcome of disaster and chaos usually ends in stronger unity between people in the end, as a community we may have to suffer for a little while, but in the end we will be more connected. As artist's, most of us are very open minded to change and to improvement and that's exactly what I think will come of this and any other unfortunate circumstance we may have to endure in the future.

I think in the future artists will continue to get screwed over but we will be able to handle it better and take action quicker so that those type of things won't happen. At the moment though our job as a community is to help one another, preach the word of Art to the world and to others. Share it's importance with others and maybe some day people will finally treat us with decency.

I guess I did have some writing in me ha, gnight people ;)

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