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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's a Bloodsports Marathon!

Finished Bloodsports #13, My initial entry is below the top full size piece. I made some last minute changes to the image after a friend of mine critiqued it. Also Bloodsports 14 was announced earlier today and I'm jumping in on it right now with some designs :)

So, today I sent in my portfolio to Alderac Entertainment and Fantasy Flight Games. I sent both of them my potfolio back in September, but as you can see and as my portfolio proves, I've improved quite a bit since then. Wish me luck with getting any jobs with either :)

Even if I don't get anything from them it just means I'll have to keep improving and keep pushing myself. This next Bloodsports... Oh boy. If you don't know about it yet then take a looksie here: . It's a fantastic idea, and being a huge huge HUGE fan of card games and having played Legend of the Cryptids for quite awhile and seeing all the art come out for it I am incredibly excited. I'm really going to try and make this my greatest piece yet. I don't just want this next painting to be better then my last, I want to try and make it better then the next few that I do. I want to aim for pro status, I don't care how many studies I have to do I will do it if it means making a kick ass image. I plan on taking my newfound knowledge of composition, value, and colors and make an image that will really make clients want to contact me on the spot (of course they'd probably be bad AD's if they just judged me on one image but whatever). I want to be good and I know the only way I can get there is through studies and application so it's time I get started. By the time I post tomorrow night I want to have at least 10 studies/sketches pertaining to my illustration.

Let's do this fellas.

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