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Monday, September 1, 2014

Changing things up

Sorry I've been bad about posting. I might be getting worse at it here soon, or better, not sure yet. So I may have gotten a studio gig, I'm not sure how much I can say exactly so I won't say what studio I've been hired by. But I'm doing a test week for them starting tomorrow to see if I can match the style they need. If I can then I'll be hired on to the project they're working on for about 4 weeks or so. This is huge for me, I've never had an opportunity like this and I'm really happy and excited about it. It's definitely not the perfect job, it's nowhere near the kind of stuff I like to paint and it's certainly not in the style I like to paint, but this is opening up so many opportunities for me for future work and for work experience. This means I'll only have about 4 spare hours every day for painting/chores/girlfriend time (excluding weekends, weekends are open). If I did my math correctly I'll roughly have around 40 hours or so still available if I make time for the studio work, sleep, and social time with girlfriend/friends. As long as I stay focused I can still get a lot of stuff done in that amount of time. So, wish me luck :p

For now here's some stuff:

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