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Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 165

I've been painting I promise, actually quite a bit more then I usually do ha. I made a couple realizations recently.

1) My values are still shit.

2) The content in almost all of my portfolio pieces are similar or just plain bland.

Therefore I've been studying artists who I loo up to and have been dissecting not only the way they approach value but also the composition of the image. To help the content of my portfolio images I don't plan on doing any painting for my portfolio if it consists of a single character making a strong pose in a simple environment (because that's what I always do). I know I have ideas for other stuff, just none that are shaking me and screaming in my face to paint it for my portfolio.

I joined a speed painting group on facebook and hopefully if I keep up with these this will force me to paint scenes and actions other then just a single character. The first one is the bottom most image in this post, the brief was "White Devil."

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