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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 71!

Yay for a painting my girlfriend, finishing those faces up, doodling a guy with the middle finger on his head, and doing a couple rough studies for client work :D

So I'm going to probably be posting a lot less coming up here as I get closer to my trip to Israel. I leave on May 22nd and am not coming back until June 4th. During that time I'm going to try and sketch my ass off because I'm going to want to sketch so much stuff there I just know it.

Theeeeeeeen, after that I'm going to have about ten days of relaxation before I go on a road trip with my girlfriend for two weeks over to California to visit family. During that time I will also be sketching my ass off. Of course I'm going to spend time with family too, but I can't wait to kick back in the sun to relax and draw :)

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